Common use center "Nanotechnology"

Principal activity areas:

- definition of substances and materials’ qualitative and quantitative composition;

- producing and testing heterogeneous catalysts of organic and petrochemical synthesis;

- technology development in the field of inorganic, organic and petrochemical synthesis;

- organic synthesis (heterocyclic compounds, chemical reagents, monomers, etc.);

- organic substances’ molecular structure research;

- definition of reactions’ kinetic characteristics;

- definition of polycrystalline materials’ phase composition;

- surface morphology research and etc.


Common use center "Diagnostics and energy efficient electrical equipment"

Principal activity areas:

- development of measuring and information systems for monitoring electrical equipment, overhead and cable power transmission lines;

 - development of multifunctional complexes for electrical equipment examining and testing;

- energy survey (primary, secondary, scheduled, extraordinary, pre-operational) along with  energy performance certificate lay-out;

- determination of energy saving potential and energy efficiency increase including the elaboration of planned energy saving activities to reduce power consumption, to decrease non-production losses by employing heat and power sources.