Engineering Center for Subsurface Mineral Resources Use

carries out topographical, geological, hydro-meteorological, environmental, geotechnical surveying;
conducts condition survey of foundation soils and foundations;
performs works that influence the safety of capital construction objects, including high consequence and technically complex capital facilities;
performs surveying and geodetic works.

South-Russian Engineering Center for Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Cost-Effective Use of Energy Resources (YuRITs) develops engineering solutions in the field of:

creation, development and support of the industrial automated control systems of energy resources, including utility metering, uninterrupted power supply, and improving operation safety of such facilities;
design, research and development of power electronics components and systems used in the creation of converters for motor control;
design of AC and DC uninterruptible power supply units;
design and creation of automated energy management systems of enterprises and institutions to improve the efficiency of use of energy resources.