R&D center "Transporting systems and complexes"
сarries out R&D in the field of transport facilities, spacecraft and aircraft elements testing systems, flight vehicles ground handling automation, simulation systems used in training specialists for extreme working conditions.
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R&D center "Power Engineering"
сonducts R&D in the field of autonomous power systems, electric and heat power equipment testing tools, automation system and substations relay protection, development of techniques for power stations and power systems operational modes optimization.
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R&D center "Computation, information and control systems"
carries out R&D in the field of mathematical software for product forming from composite materials using the winding method, design and manufacture of automated technical facilities for composite materials product forming technology, design and manufacture of machine tools for winding composite material products.
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Research center «Nanotechnology and advanced materials»
Main activities of the center are focused on developing advanced materials for catalysis and energy storage, including production of polyfunctional organic compounds from renewable resources and industrial wastes. The scope of heterogeneous catalysts and nanomaterials under investigation includes supported metal and metal-oxide catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch and related syntheses, materials for fuel cells and devices for energy conversion and storage. Current researches in the field of homogeneous catalysis include chemistry of N-heterocyclic carbenes and their complexes with transition metals, stable nitroxyl radicals and their electrochemistry, processes of production of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural and its derivatives.
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R&D center "Electrical mechanics"
carries out R&D in the field of switched reluctance drives, microprocessor control devices, electric machinery quick-operation electromagnetic drives, magnetic flaw detection facilities for steel wire ropes of mechanical handling equipment.
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R&D center «Water supply and sewage»
carries out R&D in the field of technological and structural concepts providing intensification of water purification processes; designing industrial enterprises purification facilities, water supply and sewage pump stations.
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R&D center «Automation»
carries out R&D in the field of mechatronic complexes of loading quick-operating drives, automotive systems of heat-generating objects thermostatic temperature control, drives' electro-hydraulic systems, machinery for fluids and air transporting.
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R&D center «Construction technologies»
performs R&D works in the field of nonlinear methods for basements and foundations design with the use of information technologies, exploratory projects for constructing buildings and structures.
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Research center «History of the Cossacks and Cossack regions development»
carries out research in the field of historical reconstruction of Cossack communities lifestyle at different levels (khutor (farm yard), stanitsa (village), yourt (the lowest Cossack administrative-territorial entity), regiment and etc.), controls the activity of military-training Platovskaya Cossack sotnya (squadron) and stanitsa-ranked society of the university staff members and students "Platovskoye".